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Great data from Israel showing how 2 shots of Pfizer is still protecting against severe disease (lower panel) but the booster increases protection against active cases (upper panel).

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Autumn frame 📸🙂 I tried something new... is it works?

Now on show at the Helmut Newton Foundation, Berlin, until May ’22: a major retrospective on Helmut Newton (1920-2004) tracing the life and visual legacy of the Berlin-born photographer. Details at
Image: Fashion, Melbourne, 1955 © Helmut Newton Foundation

After almost ten years... today, I am Nikonian again.

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happy birthday to aaron swartz. relentlessly harassed and driven to suicide by the state for making scientific knowledge publicly accessible to all. here he talks about why copyright law is so destructive

Why are modern programming languages updated like any other software products? Is there really a great benefit from having a new Typescript every 3 months and a new Java every year?

Seems languages and their implementations with better standards (no pun intended) don't do this as egregiously, but that's getting rather rare, corporate control or some "BDFL" ego trip is the new rule.

serverless: write function code without worrying about servers!

me: okay great

AWS lambda: to get started, use the IAM SAM CLI to create a non-fungible administrator role with XML-based configuration tokens

me: goodbye

Чета статия с купчина линкове (12-15) към постове във Facebook на кандидат-политици и политически партии (по време на предизборна кампания). И като човек, който няма акаунт там успях да прочета само два от тях. Защото само два от тях са публични. Пак да кажа... кандидат-политици по време на кампания!...

an amazing article into the depths of how awful security issues there are in threema, when they like to claim they so much better than others. lovely sick burn.

Threema: Three Strikes, You’re Out – Dhole Moments

Ако се ваксинирате с трета доза, не бързайте да изхвърляте предишния си сертификат, защото много от проверяващите приложения на държави от ЕС няма да валидират новия заради това, че не са изминали 14 дни от последната ваксинация.

We have joined forces with other companies to ban ad-tracking:

Growing a business without tracking is possible. Let's fight for a better, a private internet! 💪

#trackingfreeads #privacy

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